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Eleven Major Recent Changes to Williamsburg's Retail Scene

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It's been pouring Williamsburg retail news over the past few months, beginning with the first whispers of an Urban Outfitters (with a liquor license) and continuing with renderings of a Gant Rugger and signage for Sandro. Williamsburg's time in the sun as an indie microcosm has officially ended, arguably long before Anthropologie began eyeing it up. After the jump, a roundup of the most crucial news as of late.

· Williamsburg's waterfront received two new additions: the home goods shop Brick + Mortar, and a CrossFit, which is set to open early this month inside the Green Desk building on Kent Avenue. As far as fitness studios are concerned, CrossFit's in good company: the area is also now home to a SoulCycle on Kent Avenue.

· Bedford Avenue just saw two big expansions within the past two months. First, Whisk took over the gallery space next door, adding another 400 square feet of kitchen and home goods shopping to its existing location. Pinkyotto opened a second Bedford shop at N. 5th Street—in very close proximity to its other location on Bedford. As of now, there are no plans to close the original.

· Nearby, N. 6th Street is about to get hit with not one but two contemporary brands and one mega chain: Sandro, Gant Rugger and Urban Outfitters. The latter plans to open an in-store restaurant and bar, and will go for its liquor license this week.

· Longtime N. 11th Street resident and "hipster hangout" Beacon's Closet is being forced out of the neighborhood, due to a pesky little thing called rising rents. They're not going far, though: when they reopen, it'll be on 74 Guernsey Street in Greenpoint.

· Rounding out the retail news of mega chains like Urban and boutiques like Pinkyotto is the debut of the Wythe Hotel's new retail concept and the opening of a Monocole Order showroom on N. 5th Street. Both add prerequisite hip to a 'hood that's about to see a shitton of big brands, lest we leave off the impending/potential Anthropologie, J.Crew, Joe Fresh and more, which were all at one point this summer in talks for leases.

Update: Here's one more to add to the list: Whole Foods is making some serious progress: "The grocer has negotiated a fat $45 million loan to get the construction process rolling, and with it comes a rendering of the block-spanning site.
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