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Community Board Stands Between Coach and Its New Image

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Coach's lower Fifth Avenue store is closed for renovations—a common theme in the neighborhood—due to reopen November of this year. The plans for the makeover have elicited the attention of the local community board's landmarks committee. On the bottom right corner of the shuttered store's windows is a notice of public hearing. It reads:

Community Board #5 Landmarks Committee will be reviewing an application for 79 Fifth Avenue - Coach, to replace existing frosted glazing with Coach logo with new brass panel and black Coach logo, insert new LED light, new display windows and new brass plaques with new Coach logo (same size) to replace existing at 16th street side and 5th Avenue side of corner pier.

The brand recently debuted a paired-down aesthetic, and with it, a paired-down logo. Much of the company's presensce since the release of this campagin has forgone the actual word "Coach," favoring instead the visual logo of the little man driving a horse-drawn carriage (check their Twitter icon for proof). Perhaps the store, between 15th and 16th Streets, will follow this less-is-more approach in design, setting the tone for future Coach retail.
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79 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY