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25 Classic Coats to Wear All Day, Every Day (Forever)

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Coat check! It's time to start building the fall/winter outerwear arsenal, beginning with the classic coat to wear all day, every day. This is your looks-good-over-jeans-or-a-cocktail-dress coat. Your works-with-all-of-my-boots coat. Your I'm-warm-but-still-cute coat. It's not a tricky concept, but it can be difficult to find the one.

We've rounded up 25 outerwear options at all price points. On the low end, check out Banana Republic's girly bow coat, or a colorblocked option from Dalaga. At the top of the range you'll find a fur-accented Marissa Webb number and a fluffy pink midi-coat available at Fivestory. There's plenty in between, so get to clicking already.

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