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Updated: Victoria's Secret HQ Petitioned for Mastectomy Bras

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Image via <a href="">Survivor Bras Tumblr</a>
Image via Survivor Bras Tumblr

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After gaining over 118,000 signatures for her petition requesting Victoria's Secret add mastectomy bras to their line up, 27-year-old Allana Maiden finally got the chance to sit down with VS execs this morning at the brand's headquarters. Also in attendance was Allana's mom, Debbie, the inspiration for the campaign, after Allana witnessed her mother's struggle to find decent bras post-mastectomy.

Currently, the market for mastectomy bras lives in two extremes: unattractive yet inexpensive granny bras sold online, or pretty but costly boutique bras available only in select markets. Allana proposes that Victoria's Secret lend some of their overtly sexy image and high volume to produce a "Survivor" line. She argues, "Victoria's Secret stores are located all across America and the sales women are always helpful with fittings. The designs are beautiful and can do wonders to boost a woman's self esteem."

Update: Allana and Debbie Maiden have been invited to national Limited (parent company to VS) headquarters in Columbus, OH for meetings with additional team members. They'll also go on a one-on-one bra shopping excursion so that marketing staff can get a first hand look at what it's like for women to shop for bras post-mastectomy.

After the meeting with Tammy Roberts Myers, Vice President of External Communications for Limited Brands, Allana said that Victoria's Secret took the message from breast cancer survivors very seriously. "I know their heart is in the right place and they want to do the right thing. Making this bra line would be a win for Victoria's Secret and a win for survivors—there's no downside. I think they see that now."
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