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A 10K Man-Jewelry Splurge, Shop Like Danielle Steele, and More

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Welcome to Whale Week, our celebration of the city's biggest spenders.

The most expensive store in the country: Oscar de la Renta in NYC

And now, we bring you the best Whale Week coverage from our sister sites:

RACKED NATIONAL— Curious what the most expensive stores in the entire country are? Here are the top 25. Unsurprisingly, NYC takes the cake.

BOSTON—FYI: Newbury Street's Wellsley Optical is home to an impressive selection of vintage sunglasses, including twelve 18k gold Cartier styles from the '80s.

CHICAGO—For those who like their massages with an extra set of hands, there's the synchronized massage at The Penninsula spa, which costs $450 for two hours.

LOS ANGELES—Meet Aly Scott, the woman behind StyleChic LA who tracks down Hermès Birkin bags for princesses.

PHILADELPHIA—Behold: a $10,000 receipt from the Old City shop Kaleidoscope—most of which was spent on rocker-type man jewelry.

SAN FRANCISCO—The eight steps to shopping like Danielle Steele include buying 6,000 pairs of Louboutins, doubling up on high-end perfumes, and gifting the homeless with fancy soap.