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The Knicks Don't Really Like Iman Shumpert's High-Top Fade

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Over the weekend, the Times published an in-depth profile on Iman Shumpert of the New York Knicks. Or more accurately, on his high-top fade. The article begins with Shumpert's recent recovery from knee surgery, but within the span of the first two sentences, it quickly moves on to tackle what prompted him to go for the fade.

Shumpert explains: "At first, it was just to see how long I could grow my hair before I came back." He adds, "Everyone in London loved it. For the most part, people like it. My mom said the ladies like it." However, his teammates are kind of over it. Knicks guard J. R. Smith told the paper, "It's awful. It was cool for a while, but he's taking it too far now. He got to cut it.

Shumpert adds that Carmelo Anthony and Kurt Thomas aren't fans either, but that might just be because they're old and jealous: "They just want high tops. They want it, but they're too old." Hey guys, let's keep it civil, okay?—after all, this isn't nearly as serious as the debate over which professional basketball played invented wearing glasses.
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