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Shakira's Cardio Dance Trainer Is Getting Her Own NYC Studio

Shakira and her abs via Getty Images
Shakira and her abs via Getty Images

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On a life-goal scale of one to ten, we'd say obtaining a body like Shakira's is a solid twelve, so it's a good thing that her cardio dance trainer Anna Kaiser plans to open her own NYC studio. In addition to shaping up Shakira (who happens to look like this at roughly nine months pregnant), Kaiser also counts Sarah Jessica Parker and Kelly Ripa as clients.

Well+Good NYC reports that once Kaiser's AKT in Motion studio opens this spring, she'll "join the ranks of Tracy Anderson and Simone de la Rue as one of New York City's reigning cardio dance divas." As for what cardio dance diva-ing actually entails, think of the classes as a mix of dance moves, strengthening techniques, yoga, and Pilates. Be warned, though: Well+Good adds that "booty bands" are involved.
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