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Is the Theory Sample Sale Still Worth the Trip?

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It's day three of the Theory sample sale, and we stopped by Clothingline this afternoon to see if it's still worth hitting up. Overall, we say yes. The racks are all fully stocked—including fur and leather—and there's a ton of merchandise to pick through. Read on to find out whether or not the prices have dropped, if new merchandise has been added, if they're currently restocking, and whether or not the sale's still crowded.

Have prices dropped?
No, prices are still the same as they were on opening day. Yes! A few hours after this post was published, Clothingline slashed all of the prices an additional 30%; see the update list here.

Is there any new merchandise?
Since there's so much to shop at the sale, it's hard to tell if any specific new items have been added. However, there are still plenty of blazers and outerwear left, as well as Helmet Lang leather and fur separates ($99) and leather outerwear ($195).

Are they still restocking?
Staffers informed us that there won't be any more restocking, and that all of the merchandise is out.

Is it still crowded?

The sale will wrap up at 7pm tonight, and run through Friday at 6pm. For additional information, see our previous sale report and the dealfeed below.
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