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Bras, Bras, and More Bras at the Journelle Warehouse Sale

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If revamping your under-wardrobe is one of your New Year's resolutions, be sure to head to Journelle's warehouse sale for deals on bras, bralettes, panties, robes, leisurewear. While prices aren't rock bottom, everything is at least a healthy 50% off, with some items going down to 70% off.

Hanro, The Lake & Stars, Cosabella, and La Fée Verte are among the dozens of designers on offer at the sale, with a handful of stray pieces of Araks and VPL on the clearance racks.

The sale is organized by size, but with a twist: the racks of bras are separated by rib cage size, rather than cup size. 36s and 38s dominate, but there is still a worthwhile selection for 32s and 34s. The left and right walls are mixed-designer (Elle Machpherson, Eberjey, Mimi Holiday, and Wundervoll mostly) with prices ranging from $30 to $80.

Toward the back of the sale there's a stand-out rack of "Emerging Designers" with stellar pieces by The Lake & Stars, a rack of Hanro pieces, as well as two clearance racks where we spied a couple of past-season VPL bralettes and sherbet-green silk Araks duds. There are also clearance bins by the entrance to the dressing room, with panties and bras mixed together.

In the middle of the room there are bins of soft bras—one devoted to Cosabella, three with La Fée Verte divided by size, and three with mixed designers. You'll also find La Fée Verte silk shorts for $25, Timpa and Pima soft bras for $20, Wolford tights for $25, and On Gossamer panties for $10. There are also racks of robes and leisurewear, with La Fée Verte robes for $85 and rompers for $55. Cami/short sets are $65.

If you're looking for panties, though, you may be disappointed. Panties on the racks are few and pricey, and we only spotted one bin of miscellaneous underwear. Most of what's there are more novelty items—almost no basic thongs were to be found. But if you're in the market for some more adventurous pieces, this top-heavy sale will give you a thrill.

The sale runs through Saturday, and we've been told there will be restocking. Do note though that the dressing room is a communal dressing room. For additional hours and info, see the dealfeed below.
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