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Miss America Does CrossFit, So You Probably Should Too

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Exhibit A: those abs. Photo via Getty Images
Exhibit A: those abs. Photo via Getty Images

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Unless you have yet to open an internet browser today, you probably know that the new Miss America is from good ol' Park Slope. (Or, as Gothamist notes, maybe Windsor Terrace; you may debate that in the comments.) Other things we recently learned about Mallory Hagan include the fact that she does not ride a bike, but she does belong to one of NYC's culty-est gyms: CrossFit.

Her boyfriend told the Post that leading up to the pageant, Hagan thinned down the old-fashioned way: by eating plenty of fruits and veggies and lifting massive barbels. "She did not want to be rail-thin. She did it the right way: She did a lot of CrossFit, and she just ate a lot better." Just in case she wants to try out a new location, there's another "box"—which is CrossFit code for "gym"—coming to Long Island City.
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