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Five Tips for Navigating the Shops at Target Pop-Up

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Last night, we stopped by the Shops at Target pop-up shop at the Highline Stages in Meatpacking, expecting to find a hailstorm of editors and bloggers trying to beat each other in the race for pieces of the Kirna Zabête and Odin collaborations. Fortunately, it was a lot tamer than that. For the party, Target had implemented a five-item only policy, which means that when the pop-up opens tonight to the public, there will still be merchandise left.

The layout is pretty simple: Each shop (Kirna, Odin, The Curiosity Shoppe, and Patch NYC) is located along the perimeter. The space itself is large, but the allotted areas for each shop are a little on the small side—but overall, you're not going to get the feeling that you're about to be swallowed by a ravenous crowd. The Odin collecrtion was arguably the night's biggest hit, followed by Kirna Zabête, with the Curiosity Shoppe and Patch NYC tied for third. Read on for five tips on how to best navigate yourself throughout the shop.

1. Be promt: As always, we suggest getting there really early. Target pop-up shops tend to draw lines of epic proportions, so don't drag your feet. The store opens at 6pm, though you're definitely going to want to queue up before that.

2. Bring your boyfriend/dad: Last night, we saw plenty of girls shopping for their boyfriends, husbands, and their cool dads at the Odin pop-up. Turns out, it's easier for a man to shop for himself than it is for his girlfriend to hem and haw over what size he is, will he like this sweater, etc. Needless to say, the Odin section got pretty clogged, so for the sake of freeing up some space, let the important male in your life handle this one on his own.

3. Move quickly at Kirna Zabête: The Kirna collection is going to go quickly, guaranteed. The store is arranged so that all of the merchandise is lined up along the border of the shop (there are no center racks, except the accessories table), so start at one end and work your way down in a timely fashion. Don't try to bop in between shoppers all willy-nilly, because you might get elbowed.

4. Don't forget the housewares: If you're looking for cheap home goods, stop by the Curiosity Shoppe, where most of the items are $10 and under. If you want something a little fancier—like an owl lamp—then head to Patch NYC. Keep in mind, though, that you can't exactly carry around a large lamp for the rest of the night, so you might have to sit out the rest of the FNO activities.

5. Bring your appetite: Because there are snacks! They include sodas, mini pretzels, and ice cream from the Coffee Shop and the Treat Cart.

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