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Get Your Hair and Nails Done at the Same Time at Fix Beauty Bar

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Women in New York may be a pretty diverse group, but they have one major thing in common: a total time crunch. So when Manhattanites Karol Markowicz and Michelle Breskin came up with the idea for a beauty bar where busy women could get their nails and hair done at the same time, they knew they'd hit on a great idea.

The salon opens next week, and one of the first thing you'll notice is their insane magazine selection. Though the usual Peoples and Vogues are there, you'll also see The Atlantic. Breskin, whose background is in finance and real estate, and Markowicz, a writer, give their customers a lot of credit.

The shop, which has 12 seats for mani/blowout combos, is a place where smart urban women can multitask their beauty routine. "We felt we could provide a fast but super luxurious experience that would make women feel good without spending too much money or time" says Markowicz, and the bright white space and affordable rates bear her out.

Both women know their NYC clientele well. There's wine available no matter how early in the day you show up (appointments start at 9 AM), and you can grab a cute Fix-branded umbrella to go if you think a potential storm might wreck your new blowout. The blowouts are named for celebrities, so you can request a Kim or Taylor along with your Essie or Chanel. In case you weren't sold already, did we mention that they have mimosas on Sundays? That's way more fun than standing in line for brunch.
· Fix Beauty Bar [Official Site]