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Why Everlane Took Over Houston Street's American Apparel Ad

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New basics brand Everlane keeps getting compared to American Apparel, and with good reason. As our sister site pointed out a few weeks ago, both companies make affordable basics, both are based in LA, and both have a habit of using non-models in their ads. So perhaps it's not a surprise that Everlane has taken over the Houston Street billboard that for years was the home of some of American Apparel's most controversial ads.

Reps for Prince Media Company, which leases the billboard, told Racked that the choice was a coincidence. Stephanie Casin, the company's president of sales, first encountered Everlane at their Soho pop-up last year. She proposed the idea of a New York billboard, and the Everlane founders "fell in love," she says, with the spot on Houston and Allen.

But why would an LA company start with a New York ad? Philip Kafka, Prince Media owner, says it's a question of New York foot traffic versus LA car traffic. "You're going to hit so many people who are going out at night" on the Lower East Side, he explains. "You're going to be guaranteed to hit a much wider spectrum of people, and at the same time a more specific and targeted type of people too."
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