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Daphne Guinness Ordered to Pay Up for Perpetual Tub Flooding

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Despite all the life experiences Daphne Guinness must have accumulated by now, one thing she's struggled with over the years is remembering to turn off her bath water. In 2010, one of her downstairs neighbors at the Stanhope Hotel sued her for $1 million in damages and "mental anguish," after Guinness left her tub running a remarkable three times. Additionally, the Post reports that "the couple even claimed they felt 'terrorized' by shy Guinness and demanded a court order barring her from bathing again."

A Manhattan judge ruled yesterday that Guinness would indeed have to pay up for the damages, but denied the neighbors' plea for $1M in emotional distress. Presumably, he also allowed her to continue to practice personal hygiene. To all that, Guinness said, "I've always been happy to pay for their damage, and have already been doing so. I would never intentionally flood their apartment. I by no means want to be a bad neighbor. I have totally waterproofed the place and now it is the safest apartment in New York."
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Stanhope Hotel

995 Fifth Avenue New York NY