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The Campaign for Wool to Bring Grazing Sheep to Bryant Park

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Here's an explanation in advance for why Bryant Park might look more like the Bronx Zoo on Thursday. The Campaign for Wool kicked off Wool Week on Monday, a seven-day event intended to educate the public on the natural benefits of wool. One of the highlights, or arguably, the highlight, involves bringing a bunch of live, grazing sheep to Bryant Park.

In addition to, you know, free-roaming sheep, the Wool Uncovered installation will include a few other oddities: The park fountain will be filled with wool and yarn instead of water, seats will be covered with wool slips, and trees will be decked out in wool art. And at 11am, Esquire's Nick Sullivan, Timo Weiland's Alan Eckstein, and LineKnitwear's John Muscat will host an open-to-the-public talk about the importance of wool—if you can tune out all the bah-ing.
· The Campaign for Wool [Official Site]

Bryant Park

Bryant Park, New York, NY