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Aldo Teams Up with Nolita's Warm on Laid-Back Booties

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Taking a page from the Shops at Target, Aldo is launching Aldo Boutique, a new line of collaborations with store owners, architects, musicians, and other creative types. The program kicks off with a suede bootie designed in tandem with Winnie Beattie and Rob Magnotta, the couple behind Nolita boutique Warm.

Like all things Warm, the shoe is meant to exist in that section of the Venn diagram where crunchy surfers and chic French girls overlap. Winnie Beattie, who's always ready with a jealousy-inducing lifestyle description, says it's like "something a girl from the Marais would wear if she was on her way to Biarritz for the weekend." Said girl would probably pay more for her round-trip ticket than for her shoes: The booties, which come in taupe, camel, and black, cost $125 at Warm or Aldo.
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