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Occupy Wall Street Protesters Have Taken Over the iPhone 5 Line

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The iPhone 5 launches tomorrow morning, and as usual, there's already a crowd waiting outside the Fifth Avenue Apple store. This time around, though, the crowd is comprised partly of Occupy Wall Street activists, who joined the line last night in order to peacefully protest Foxconn, an Apple supplier.

When we stopped by around 3pm, we found quite a spectacle in front of the store, with both press and civilians firing questions at Occupiers and those waiting for iPhones. The company Otterbox was doing demonstrations of their cases in line, and tourists were snapping pictures of everything, making the sidewalk highly congested.

Many of those in line had other Apple electronics with them, as well as battery packs to keep their products charged. Jessica Mellow, 27 years old and third in line, had been waiting since last Thursday outside the Apple store. Last year, Mellow and her friend Keenen Thompson, 22, waited 17 days before the iPhone 4s was released, but they said they were held up this year by Fashion Week. Mellow said she was startled when the Occupiers arrived last night. "At first I thought they were protesting us, but they're not," said Mellow. "I'm interested to see what they'll do in the morning."—Kelly Marshall
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