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On Friday, Union Square Will Get Its Burlington Coat Factory

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Burlington ads in the Union Square subway station
Burlington ads in the Union Square subway station

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Union Square shoppers who have been at a loss since Filene's Basement vacated will get their replacement on Friday, when Burlington Coat Factory moves into 4 Union Square South. Women's Wear Daily writes that the new location will act as the company's flagship, partly because of its mammoth size: it's 92,000 square feet, and it'll occupy three floors.

As for the decor, President and CEO Tom Kingsbury says, "We've integrated new materials into the presentation, gone mostly to noncarpeted selling floors, the lights are brighter, and it's a much more refreshing look overall." And then he puts a pleasant spin on digging through racks and racks to find that diamond in the rough (or that $15 dress): "We have a very diverse population that shops in our stores overall, but our intention is to make sure every store is a little different and emphasize the treasure hunt."

The article adds that while other off-price retailers (like Daffy's and Filene's) have gone under, Burlington is actually doing quite well. By the end of the year, the company could very well surpass $4 billion in volume, and they're planning to open another 20 stores a year "over the foreseeable future."

To cement their Union Square relationship, Burlington will be passing out some goodies over the course of an entire week to celebrate the opening, like coffee, totes, gift certificates, and donations to charities.
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Burlington Coat Factory

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