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Benetton's Erotic Yarn Art Offends Parents on Instagram

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For a truly epic comment thread, please direct your attention to photographer Sam Horine's Instagram account, where over 300 people are arguing over the erotic artwork at Benetton's pop-up shop in Soho.

The temporary store is dotted with artist Erik Ravelo's "Lana Sutra" sculptures of yarn-wrapped mannequins contorted into elaborate sexual positions. Horine posted a photo of one wooly pair a few days ago, and ever since, his followers have been debating whether the image is offensive.

Between the shocked parents begging everyone to think of the children, and the jaded consumers who keep dismissing the project as a stunt, our favorite commenter is the one who had this to contribute: "I never managed to knit a sweater in that position, only result was a baby."
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Benetton: The Art of Knit

135 Crosby Street New York NY