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There Is Now an Old Chairlift in Burton's Soho Store

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Photos by Jacob Breinholt

Burton Snowboards has a thing about the number 13. The company unveiled its grand Soho redesign last week on September 13. Inside the shop, you'll find plenty of industrial fixtures with thirteens on them. And if you stop by on the 13th of the month in the future, you might find special in-store events.

The redesign wasn't just to celebrate Burton's love affair with the unluckiest number of them all. The company also wanted to turn the Spring Street location into a showcase for the brand's down-home New England image. To that end, they've installed several Vermont-inspired fixtures, including a cabin-like cashwrap meant to evoke the state's covered bridges and a wooden structure made partly out of an old chairlift. There's also a genuine snowboard press that's visible from the street—the better to attract Soho's unstoppable flow of tourists.
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