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Scott Schuman Encourages Fashion Show Crashing

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Scott Schuman via Getty
Scott Schuman via Getty

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According to Scott Schuman, one of the big things missing from New York Fashion Week is the amount of show crashing on behalf of the city's fashion students. He told Fashionologie: "I'm a little disappointed that in New York the FIT kids and the Parsons kids don't bring the same enthusiasm [as the London students]. They don't try to sneak into shows. I don't know why the kids aren't trying to sneak into shows?"

Though we're pretty sure the kids are trying to sneak into shows, perhaps their efforts have been overshadowed recently by these eight notorious crashers—two of which were actually high school students at the time. If you're not going to weasel your way into the tents, then Schuman's all for you at least picking up a camera and standing outside: "It's like going to a baseball game: You can go and watch the game. Most people can't get into the show, but now I think people feel like they can come here and take pictures and just hang out."
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