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Preservationists Mad at Macy's; Barneys Dunks Its Louboutins

Photo by Brian Harkin
Photo by Brian Harkin

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HERALD SQUARE—The Macy's on 34th Street is currently in the midst of a $400 million makeover, but not everyone is pleased with the changes. Preservationists like Theodore Grunewald noticed that while sprucing itself up, Macy's altered a few things, like the marble cladding on the structural columns. He explains it like this: "All the king's horses and all the king's men will never make Art Deco again. Imagine trying to build the Chrysler Building now if you had to." [City Room]

UPPER EAST SIDE—For one of its Madison Avenue windows, Barneys grabbed a few hot pink Louboutins and submerged them in a tank filled with goldfish. (You can see a 35-second video of the end result here.) If they didn't have anything else to do with them, they could have, you know, given them to us. [In the Window]


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