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Rachel Zoe Is Opening Her Own Blowout Salon in Flatiron

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Rachel Zoe image via Getty
Rachel Zoe image via Getty

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Because Manhattan will never have quite enough blowout salons, Rachel Zoe has decided that she's going to open up her very own in Flatiron. It'll be called DreamDry, and she explained to People how her blowouts will differ from the competition's, like drybar and Blow.

Zoe says that the salon will offer the "ultimate blowout," through "unprecedented, highly personalized services." Though she didn't really specify what those were, she did add, "We're in the final stages of developing some amazing programs and technologies that will be totally unique to the overall DreamDry experience." Naturally, she won't stop at just Flatiron; Zoe's plans include other locations in Manhattan and beyond.
· Exclusive: Rachel Zoe Opening Blow-Dry Bar in N.Y.C. [People]


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