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Tiffany & Co Is Live and Ready for Action in Soho

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After months of anticipation, Tiffany & Co launched its Soho store last Thursday during Fashion's Night Out. This is the third Tiffany location currently operating in the city, after the one in the Financial District and the one where Audrey Hepburn had breakfast. But it's not the first time the historic company has found a home in Soho. Back in the 1850s, they had a spot on Broadway and Prince Street.

The new store combines two locations, 97 Greene and 106 Wooster, bringing them together to make a block-wide, 7,000-square-foot space. The company tapped local artists for dramatic design features. The walls of the fine and engagement salon, for example, are covered with hundreds of mother-of-pearl magnolias, while the fashion jewelry salon has a glass wall covered in backlit dragonflies.

To commemorate the occasion, Tiffany has commissioned a "Return to Tiffany" heart charm inscribed with the Soho address. (It's sort of like those t-shirts that say "Property of the New York Yankees," but approximately 4000 times classier.) The pieces are limited-edition, so if you want to be returned to Greene Street whenever you get lost, snap one up now.
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Tiffany & Co.

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