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Drybar Defaced in Murray Hill; Impeccable Attire Hits Park Slope

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MURRAY HILL—This month, drybar will open three new Manhattan locations, one of which will be located on East 34th Street. The construction facade for that store now includes three scrawls from someone who's less than thrilled about the company's recent expansion. Does anyone know where Rachel Zoe was this afternoon? [RackedWire]

PARK SLOPE—A new boutique called Impeccable Attire opened up at 172 Fifth Avenue last weekend in Park Slope. According to its owner, the shop is "adult-oriented and classy," and it sells "something you can wear in the evening." They also sell $40 tee shirts bearing the phrase "Brooklyn Bloke," which might be more appropriate for a weekend afternoon than a sit-down dinner. [Here's Park Slope]


222 East 34th Street New York, NY