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People on Facebook Are Furious About their Lack of Free Vibrators

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Your two giveaway options, assuming you get to the Meatpacking District in time tonight.
Your two giveaway options, assuming you get to the Meatpacking District in time tonight.

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After the city shut down yesterday's vibrator giveaway, Trojan announced on its Facebook page that Day Two of the handouts would be postponed. Around lunchtime today, they published this update:

Yesterday was just the foreplay?our toe-curling, record breaking Trojan Vibes giveaway will climax today at 5pm. With official NYC permits in hand (thanks City of New York!), the Trojan Vibrations Pleasure Carts have reloaded and will be serving up pleasure tonight from 5-7 pm in the Meatpacking District on the corner of 14th Street and 9th Avenue. Pick up a complimentary Pulse or Tri-Phoria vibrator while supplies last. First come, first served.
Apparently, the breezy tone didn't sit well with the brand's followers, who were none too happy about waiting outside in the heat only to be left hanging. Both the postponement message and the update are now filled with comments from angry people of both sexes who just want their free vibrator, damn it.

Wrote one woman:

Wow Trojan, after the long lines, major disappointment and lack of communication from your cart vendors, you still have the audacity to put "first come, first served"? How unfair and unjustifiable for the hundreds of people who waited yesterday without word on 23rd St on 5th? Or Pearl and Broadway? I don't think that is fair putting the location for your final setup so far from you original locations. You guys really are being a BUZZ kill, all puns intended.
A man wrote:
What GALL!!! I am now foreplay!!! They don't even tell you how many they will be giving away. How long will they stay today before "they have to reload"? 10 minutes? 15? 30? or given what they know from yesterday's turnout will they have enough to stay for the full 2 hours? Well fool me once shame on YOU. I will NOT be fooled twice. Only a sucker goes to 14th and 9th Avenue (how convenient for most people - note the sarcasm) to get screwed AGAIN!
Another guy was more succinct:
I hope your condoms are more reliable than your PR team. The events today were full of fail.
It's like an entire city's worth of sexual frustration is now being hurled at the Trojan team. We hope Babeland is at least getting a nice sales bump from all this.
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