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Prices Dropped, But Not by Much, at the Barneys Warehouse Sale

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The Barneys Warehouse Sale wraps up on Monday, which means there isn't too much time left for markdowns. The Shophound reports that prices are slowly dropping, though there's definitely still room for much bigger discounts.

So far, the women's imperfect items are 50% off. Accessories, non-designer clothing, shoes, lingerie, and swim are 40% off, and designer merchandise is only 25% off. In the men's department, imperfects are marked down to 50% off, casual pants and outerwear are 40% off, and everything else—sportcoats, suits, dress shirts, and the other zillion categories they break the men's stuff into—is 25% off. Lastly, Chelsea Passage and childrenswear are 40% off.
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Barneys Warehouse Sale

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