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Pat Field and the City: How the SATC Designer Got Her Start

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Patricia Field opened her first store on NYU's campus in 1966, decades before she became famous as the costume designer for Sex and the City. The shop sold "up-to-the minute clothes for young people," she says, and it was inspired by a trendy store in Flushing where she used to shop in high school.

In the video below, Pat explains the history of her New York City shops to Racked writer Bonnie Datt in a interview conducted for the Archive of American Television—a division of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation, which videotapes in-depth interviews with icons of television.

If you don't have time to watch the entire seven-minute video, here are three fun facts:

1.) Though Pat Field is known for putting Carrie Bradshaw in some of the flounciest outfits ever seen on television, her first store specialized in skinny sweaters and bell-bottoms. "Women wanted to wear pants that were like men's pants," she says.

2.) When she moved into her famous 8th Street store, she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to handle the size. That didn't end up being a problem—she kept the space for the next 30 years.

3.) She started making her own clothes in '78 or '79 despite not knowing how to sew or draw. Aspiring designers with limited technical skills, there's hope for you yet!

For more on Carrie's famous tutu and Pat's work on Sex and the City, head to our sister site. Or watch the full 2.5 hour interview on the Academy's website.
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