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The NFL Is About to Take Over 34th Street's Retail Row

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Macy's photo by Brian Harkin
Macy's photo by Brian Harkin

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If you've walked by a sports bar within the past few weeks, you're probably well aware that football season is fast approaching. Since there are plenty of jerseys and other paraphernalia to be sold, the NFL is preparing to take over twenty storefronts along Herald Square's Retail Row this September.

Yes, pretty soon the windows of Macy's, Old Navy, Foot Locker, and Kmart will be loaded with NFL apparel-themed windows. Victoria's Secret is even getting in on the action too, which probably means their brand new sports push-up bra will be prominently displayed, everywhere.

Looking for more pigskin? A handful of special in-store events will be taking place on September 4th from 12pm to 6pm, including a Vince Lombardi Trophy display at the Manhattan Mall, player signings, sweepstakes giveaways at Kmart, a New Era Back to Football Scavenger Hunt and, perhaps best of all, something that's being billed as The Ultimate Tailgate Tent at Party City.
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