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A New Boutique in Clinton Hill; Inwood Market Not Happening

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CLINTON HILL—Coming any minute now to 216 Greene Avenue is the new boutique Su'juk. Brownstoner peeked in the window, and saw that it'll sell clothing, home decor, and gifts, and that (lucky for them) it won't be open on Mondays. [Brownstoner]

INWOOD—The Inwood Vegan Flea Market that was supposed to kick off this past Sunday won't be happening, thanks to a clerical error on behalf of the city. DNAinfo reports that Danielle Ricciardi and Daniel Strong of Chickpea and Olive had planned to host an open air vegan flea market every Sunday through November, but the Street Activity Permit Office accidentally issued them a not-for-profit permit. The big whoop here is that a not-for-profit permit comes with a $70 fee, whereas the correct for-profit permit fee is $3,100—significantly more than they planned to spend. [DNAinfo]


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