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The Barneys Warehouse Sale Survival Guide, August 2012

Image by Leyla Novini
Image by Leyla Novini

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We'll be honest: We have no idea what to expect at tomorrow's Barneys Warehouse Sale. This year, for the first time, Barneys offered its warehouse merchandise online, which must have put a dent in the stock. But the store also canceled its LA sale, so at least some of those West Coast sale bargains might have made their way east.

What we do know: The sale is always a madhouse, and based on the amount of attention our Barneys Warehouse Sale tag page is currently getting, people still care about it. To help you get the most out of your shopping experience, we've pulled together our best survival guides from previous years, organized by experience level.

Beginner Level: You've never been to the sale before. You're not even sure where it takes place. You, friend, should consult our Dealfeed (it has the address, not to mention hours) and then get yourself to February 2011's guide, which contains all the basics.

Intermediate Level: You've been. You're a little over it. But there was that one time, with the YSL booties, and now you can't stop yourself from thinking about dropping by tomorrow. You'll want to consult August 2011's guide, which has more unexpected tips.

Advanced Level: At this point, you're thinking of this as a human interest story rather than a shopportunity. You're best off going straight to last fall's What It's Like to Work at the Barneys Warehouse Sale" for the insider scoop.

Crazy-Eyed, Insomniac Obsessive Level: We've been covering this sale for almost five years now, which means our archives are extensive. Want to read all of them? Step right this way.

Regardless of where you fit in above, you might want to hit up the Barneys Warehouse Sale website one last time, as it closes at the end of the day. And you'll definitely want to stay tuned for our reports on all the Chelsea madness tomorrow.
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