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A Watercolor Portrait of Mad, Mod Lisa Perry

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Welcome to Shops Illustrated, a Racked feature in which artist Jennifer Hoyden sketches New York City stores. For each entry, she'll draw a street view, an interior look, and some items currently hanging on the racks.

There is something about mad mod fashion and high-gloss white surfaces that mysteriously simplifies everything. Lisa Perry on Madison Avenue is an insanely retro peppy place. It is literally and figuratively a mood-altering experience. You can't feel glum under the bright lights of this time warp.

The clothes, made in New York, are uncomplicated in their design, and not trying to be anything but what they are—absolutely positively mod. Black, white, circles, squares. Shift dresses in double-knit wool jersey, vinyl pillows, accessories that spell imperatives like "LOVE", "PEACE" and "BE HAPPY." There might be something to that.
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