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Did Owen Inspire Saks?; Free Iced Coffee at Brooks Brothers

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Owen on the left, and Saks on the right
Owen on the left, and Saks on the right

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MIDTOWN—It seems like Saks may have taken a cue from Owen's design playbook for their latest window. Owen's Meatpacking boutique features an installation of 25,000 brown paper bags that arch from floor to ceiling, which was created by Jeremy Barbour of TACKLEBOX Architecture. Now, Saks is sporting a similar look. So, who wore it best? [RackedWire]

FLATIRON DISTRICT—Starting tomorrow and ending Friday, August 24th, head over to the Brooks Brothers Flatiron store at 901 Broadway for a complimentary iced coffee. They're teaming up with Handsome Coffee Roasters to offer free iced coffees served by World Barista Champion and co-founder of Handsome Coffee Roasters Michael Phillips, along with the New York-based Handsome barista Park Brannen. (So, not just any baristas.) Stop by anytime from 2pm to 5pm to grab one. [Rackedwire]


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