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Here's What a 10-Foot Tall Statue of David Beckham Looks Like

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Okay, so that's not really David Beckham above—but a towering 10-foot metal version of him isn't so bad, either. We ventured to Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street this afternoon to check out one of the six statues H&M erected of the soccer start throughout the city. Upon our arrival, we found many New Yorkers fulfilling their dreams of being next to a near-naked Beckham (well, sort of).

For your chance to do the same and for the chance to win a mini statue, a pair of signed underwear from the collection, or a shopping spree, visit one of the several locations where these babies are planted through Sunday. H&M was kind enough to send us one of the mini statues, and we've decided to give it away to one lucky reader. See how to win it after the jump.—Tanya Loss

To win the mini David Beckham statue, look for the secret phrase in this afternoon's newsletter. The fifth person to email it to us at gets it. Not a Racked newsletter subscriber? Sign up using the box below.

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