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Updated: Former Bond No. 9 Employees Sue Owner Laurice Rahme

Laurice Rahme via Getty Images
Laurice Rahme via Getty Images

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It may be smooth sailing on the legal front for Alexander Wang, but the same can't be said for Bond No. 9 owner Laurice Rahme. According to the New York Daily News, former employees Veronica Robledo and Karin Widmann are suing Rahme for $3 million for "violating their civil rights and firing them for objecting to her 'pattern of racism against customers and employees.'"

The suit alleges that Rahme would alert security via a code word when "dark-skinned customers" came into the store. Robledo, who is Puerto Rican, claims that Rahme wouldn't let her assist white customers because of her ethnicity. And in February, Robledo says that Rahme accused her of "knowing a black customer who was caught shoplifting in another store." When they complained, they were allegedly fired and accused of stealing $25,000 worth of merchandise.

According to Rahme, the entire thing is a case of disgruntled employees, whom were caught stealing She denies the use of the code word, though she did make sure to mention that each time one of her stores was robbed it was by "African-American robbers." She adds that she "welcomes black customers," and adds that one of her former boyfriends was a black man. That, however, contradicts one of Robledo's statements, who claims that she felt the need to keep her Jamaican boyfriend a secret from her boss.
· Former Bond No. 9 workers suing owner Laurice Rahme in $3M race bias lawsuit [NYDN]

Update, May 8th 2014: Bond No. 9 president and founder Laurice Rahmé tells us: "I am thrilled for my company and my very diverse staff that false allegations have been withdrawn."

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