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Intermix Isn't Coming to Bond, But They Are Coming to Bowery

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Outside the Intermix in the Meatpacking District
Outside the Intermix in the Meatpacking District

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Earlier this week, a rumor began floating around that Intermix had signed a lease for Billy Reid's space at 54 Bond Street. Representatives of Billy Reid let us know that the store isn't going anywhere, and Intermix couldn't offer up any more information at the time.

However, the company did confirm to WWD that there are plans for a new location in the nearby area. Nestled in an otherwise unrelated article was this sentence: "Also on the horizon is a new store on the Bowery here slated to open in spring 2013, representing the seventh Intermix store in Manhattan." Hopefully when the address is released, it won't be for a store with a current occupant.
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