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The Private Stella McCartney Sale May Be Happening Right Now

The scene from last year's sale
The scene from last year's sale

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According to Mizhattan, the Stella McCartney sample sale is currently happening right now at the designer's showroom at 210 Eleventh Avenue. As usual, the sale's a private two-day event and only open to those with an invite. However, she reports that yesterday, "a few lucky shoppers were able to walk in without any problems."

Last year, we heard conflicting reports from our commenters: Some had no problem strolling in, while others were flat-out denied at the door. Either way, it looks like this year the brand managed to keep it extra exclusive. Let us know in the comments below if you just so happen to find yourself on Eleventh Avenue and end up making it past the doorman.
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Stella McCartney

112 Greene Street, Soho, NY 10012 (212) 255-1556

Stella McCartney Showroom

210 11th Ave New York, NY