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The Barneys Warehouse Sale Will Begin Online Tomorrow at 9am

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This year, Barneys has decided to host its semi-annual warehouse sale online, in addition to the New York sale that will take place from Thursday, August 23rd through Monday, September 3rd. Though the online sale dates aren't posted yet on the site, we've gotten word from website's customer service department that it will begin tomorrow at 9am.

Which of course means that it's happening before the physical sale. That's certainly easier than hosting them simultaneously, though it does make us wonder what kind of merchandise will make it to Chelsea. Will it just be the online rejects that didn't sell, or is the company designating specific product to web, and specific product to the regular sale?

Update: Barneys has just told our sister site that tomorrow isn't the public launch of the online warehouse sale, and that the customer service reps (and thus, the sales associates) who confirmed it were misinformed. Looks like we'll have to wait and see.
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