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H&M Is Eyeballing a Space in the Conde Nast Building

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H&M has locations all over the city, including a spot on 42nd and Fifth, but so far, it's left Times Square to cheap-chic rivals like Forever 21. According to the New York Post, though, that could soon change. The paper reports that H&M is in talks to take over the former home of ESPN Zone, which occupies a whopping 45,000 square feet of space at 4 Times Square.

Last fall, rumors circulated that Express would move into that spot, but the chain wound up signing a lease slightly farther north. From the perspective of unpaid fashion interns at Conde Nast, which shares the 4 Times Square address, H&M is probably a better option. It's still not a done deal, but just in case, now might be a good time to start practicing your cover story. Repeat after us: "I most certainly did not buy this cardigan for $15 on my lunch break! It's an inherited piece from Grandmama."
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