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Madison Avenue's Chanel Sale Is Heating Up, Literally

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The temporary Chanel store on Madison Avenue, which opened back in February, currently has no air conditioning. But the company is doing what it can to help their shoppers spend big bucks under comfortable conditions. Above, meet Chanel's high-powered fan. It's made a home in the back corner of the room, and while it may not be cooling the entire store, it's certainly circulating airflow next to the current sale wall. (Coincidence?)

The back wall now offers 40% off shoes in various styles, including classic flats, stylish pumps and summery sandals. Prices may not be drop-everything-you're-doing-and-go low, but if you're a Chanel junkie, it's probably worth braving a bit of heat to check it out.—Tanya Loss
· Chanel [Official Site]


789 Madison Avenue New York NY 10065