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Get Your Makeup Fortune Told at Your Local Lush Store

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Lush is well-known for their bubbly bath products, but that's not all the chain has to offer. They just launched their first-ever makeup collection, which is called Emotional Brilliance. The conceit is simple: each of the little glass bottles (they look like eyedroppers but actually contain small sponge applicators) holds a different color liquid makeup. Each of the colors is named after a trait or attribute, and they all work interchangeably on lips, cheeks, or lids.

But how do you choose the ones you like? Forget about which shades might go with your hair color. Instead, ask a Lush in-store consultant to help. Each store has a color wheel (pictured) and the employee will spin the wheel around, asking you to choose colors that make you respond emotionally. The results will help you choose makeup but also give you clues about your emotional state, with options like Drive, Intuition, and Dynamic. You can try the experience out in person at one of the city's four Lush stores: Union Square, Soho, the Upper West Side, or Herald Square.
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