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A Look at Hidden Lower East Side Antiques Shop The Hunt

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Welcome to Shops Illustrated, a Racked feature in which artist Jennifer Hoyden sketches New York City stores. For each entry, she'll draw a street view, an interior look, and some items currently hanging on the racks.

You'll find The Hunt through a pair of black doors, just under the suspended and intimidating scythe, in the back of British jewelry shop The Great Frog. The back-room space, started by the raffish trio of Dylan Rieder, Steven Ditchkus and Jake Lamagno, is part lodge, part men's club, part stylish rummage sale, and part genuine antiques dealer. On offer are taxidermy trophies and skins, vintage pinups, retro chic cameras circa the 1950s and 60s, vintage children's fencing masks (so that's what kids did pre-Wii!), and 1940s light fixtures, among other things.

The owners have begun designing their own pieces as well, so The Hunt is now a LES design firm to boot. A sample of their work is on display: a piece of charred hemlock wood that's over a century old, now heavily lacquered in black, raised up on antique legs, and selling as a $1,500 bench. It personifies the glam the boys see in all the grit.
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