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Five Things To Put On Your Head Instead Of A Fedora

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Fashionable young man Joshua Glass emailed us a few weeks ago with a rant about fedoras. We thought it made a lot of sense, so we're sharing it with you.

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Unless you're on your way to a Mad Men LARPing party, there is no reason to pick up a fedora from J.Crew. In fact, there isn't a good reason to wear any of those silly hats—bowlers, bombers or any of the cowboy variety—that those even sillier wardrobe people from TV land think are cool (we're looking at you, too, Kim Kardashian).

You see, ladies and gentlemen, we've been had. Television and movies condition us to believe that costume and fashion are interchangeable. That because Hilary Duff wore a fedora in a coffee shop in season three of Gossip Girl (not that we're keeping track), you should too. Well, you shouldn't. People of New York, we're asking you, here and now, to look into your hearts and into a mirror. Take off your hats from your heads. All of them. Off. Now.

Now that that's out of the way (you're welcome!), here are five cool things to do with your head.

1.) Head Wraps
Did you see the Gaultier resort show last month? Head wraps are in again! If you can't wait for JPG to move into retail or for YSL (Saint Laurent Paris?) to open in Soho, we bet H&M could help you out.

2.) Bling Bling
Alexis Bittar did some snazzy head-to-face ice for Jeremy Scott last spring, and we're still thinking about it. He's having a sale online, plus you can find other head-friendly pieces in all three of his Manhattan stores (353 Bleecker Street, 1100 Madison Avenue, and 465 Broome Street.)

3.) A hood
We might not be in high school anymore, but hoodies can still be cool (so buy us some new ones already, Mom!). From le fancy pants Lanvin (815 Madison Avenue) to priced-for-humans Victoria Secret, there are so many options of things to pull up over your head. We bet The Hoodie Shop (181 Orchard Street) would be a good place to start.

4.) Absolutely nothing
Why not just open up and let your hair see some sun for a change, huh? After all, humans don't just have hair on their bodies to feel embarrassed at the beach. Just be sure to protect your hair like you protect your skin. Bumble and Bumble has some fab hair products for the sun, available at their StylingBar at Bloomingdale's uptown (1000 Third Avenue).

5.) Get a haircut!
Need a little change before going au naturel? While you're hoodie-hunting on the Lower East Side, try one of our favorite salons, Tommy Guns (138 Ludlow Street; also in Brooklyn at 85 N. 3rd Street.) Think old-school English barber shop meets wine bar meets unpretentious, possibly overqualified staff (yes, they do Charlotte Free's hair). It's not a big deal, and that's the way they like to keep it.—Joshua Glass
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The Hoodie Shop

181 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002 (646) 559-2716 Visit Website


815 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10065 646-439-0380 Visit Website