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American Apparel's New Model; City Council Approves Zoning Law

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EVERYWHERE—Concerned that their audience might be approaching hipster crotch shot fatigue, American Apparel has tapped an older woman to star in their latest ads. A rep from the brand tells Fashionista that she was discovered on the streets of New York, and that she's never modeled before. We'll give it to you, AA: We were not expecting this. [Fashionista]

UPPER WEST SIDE—The City Council has officially approved a plan limiting storefront sizes on Broadway, Columbus, and Amsterdam Avenue above 72nd Street. Most new storefronts will have be less than 40 feet, with banks restricted to 25 feet and under. The goal is to keep the neighborhood from becoming overwhelmed with chains, though it comes too late for Goodrich Pharmacy, which just announced that it will be closing after forty years in business. [West Side Rag via Vanishing New York]