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The Helmut Lang, Theyskens' Sale Is Teeming With Overstock

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Helmut Lang and Theory are throwing a sample sale at Clothingline next week, but you don't have to wait until then to get your hands on all the drapey, discounted goods. Both Helmut and Theyskens' Theory are hosting their very own sample sale at the Soho store at 93 Mercer Streetright now.

The merchandise is all marked down up to 70% off, and it's definitely not just samples. When we popped by this morning when the sale opened to the public at 10am, we found gobs and gobs of overstock, most of which was in pretty full size-runs and organized neatly on the racks. It was all going fast, though, so if you're hoping to get there, get there fast. Second warning: We're going to be using the word "drapey" a lot from here on out. Sorry.

Pricing for both brands is hanging on the racks, which means that none of the individual items are marked. This proved a bit problematic, since most of the prices are listed in ranges. For example, Helmut dresses are either $79, $129, and $239. Use your common sense to guide you (as in, cotton is cheaper than silk), but if that fails, you're going to have to ask a sales associate. Since everyone at the sale seemed to be wearing Helmut—it was open to employees first—good luck figuring out who to consult.

Let's continue with Helmut. There are two full tables of bags that are $99 and $269. We spotted a few black hobos, along with the Primal leather satchel in black and brown, and the Terrain bag in taupe. There were also a good amount of wallets in black, brown, cream, and red.

Ready-to-wear pricing for tops is as follows. T-shirts are $49, nicer tops are $79, and even nicer tops are $169. Right next to the bags you'll find boxes filled with plastic-wrapped tees in the standard Helmut colors: black, taupe, brown, gray, etc., in both short sleeve and long sleeve styles. For the more expensive pieces, we spotted silk tanks (one with feather cap sleeves) and drapey tops in both solids and prints.

Casual pants are $69, which includes denim in all sorts of colors—orange, navy, yellow, green, black, various shades of blue, you name it. Other pants are $99, and leather pants are $229. In the pants section, some of the styles favored smaller sizes, but we found a generous size selection in most of the styles, particularly on the rack filled with standard navy and black.

Speaking of leather, that well's not running dry anytime soon. There were a ton of pieces to choose from, all priced at $349. Whatever style leather you're searching for, you're probably going to find—we spotted fitted styles in black and beige, white leather blazers, plenty of bomber jackets in quilted black, and dark brown pieces lined with shearling.

Elsewhere, longer length beige coats with fur trim are $399, though these were mostly size small, with a few extra smalls and mediums. Non-leather or fur jackets are $189 or $249, and sweaters are $109.(Though since most of them are open knits with stitches you could stick your hand through, the word "sweater" is debatable).

Dresses will set you back anywhere from $79, $129, or $239. As you'd expect, it's the usual suspects here, too: draped and printed maxis in olive green, gray, white, and black, and leather dresses for $299.

Now that we've gone over Helmut, let's move on to Theyskens' Theory. Immediately upon entering you'll see a few tables filled with Theyskens maroon belts ($39), and a couple different bag styles. Prices for these are either $79 or $169, and we spotted the Apex clutch in black and Arni clutch in red. We also found a container full of Anen linen flap bags, outlined in either neon yellow, pink, or blue. For the wallets, your options are red or black patent leather, or tie-dye. Need a Theyskens' backpack? Those are under the table.

The jackets are either $189 or $449 for regular styles, or $299 for leather. Since each item isn't marked individually, we're not sure what could be priced $150 higher than leather. (The sequined numbers, perhaps?) Here, we found tweed blazers and regular silk blazers in all sorts of neutral colors.

Theyskens' T-shirts are $49, and tops are $99. There's a lot to choose from here, and we had our eye on several silk tanks in blue, red, and cream. Other tops, which we're presuming would include the fancier button-down blouses, are $149. Dresses, which you'll find on the first rack, start at $59, and then continue onward to $129 and $199. It appears that the brand delved heavily into the cut-out back trend this season, so be ready to pick through plenty of those.

Sweaters are marked $109 or $189, and casual pants are going for $69, which include red acid-wash denim shorts. Non-casual pants, like the pair of silk pajama-looking trousers, are $129, and skirts are going for $119.

Lest we forget the shoes, which are all priced at $119 and located in the back corner of the sale. The Ziggy Aby, Edison Aven, and Edna Aby pumps all make an appearance, along with the Andon Ying bootie and the Yvanka Atta boot. If that all sounds like another language and/or Downton Abbey characters to you, head here to see each style. Lastly, we'll leave you with some good news: When we stopped by this morning, there were full size runs in just about every style.

The sale runs through 6pm on Sunday, just in time for the Clothingline version of it to pick up on Monday. Check the dealfeed for all additional info.
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