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Open Call: Help Us Find New York City's Hottest Trainer

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This summer, we're launching a search for New York's hottest trainer. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it—and to do it right, we need your help. We're on the hunt for the men and women who look the best in spandex, the ones who make you actually want to show up for that 7am Bikram sweatfest or that Sunday morning spinning session, the ones with the improbably toned arms and impossibly low body fat. Yoga teachers, spinning instructors, pilates tutors, hip-hop class leaders—they're all fair game.

Please send all submissions (including headshots and the gym or fitness studio of employ) to, subject line "Hottest Fitness Instructors 2012." Don't worry, we'll keep things anonymous. May the hottest gym rat win!

Update: Thanks for all your suggestions. The nominations are now closed.