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Lascoff Drugs Wraps Up a Century on the Upper East Side

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Image via JVNY

The Upper East Side pharmacy Lascoff Drugs will sadly close today after just over a century in business. Jeremiah's Vanishing New York was tipped off about the closure from a reader, who asked a store employee why they're shuttering after so long. Unfortunately, all he said was that he "couldn't say."

The pharmacy opened on Lexington Avenue and East 82nd Street back in 1899, which means that it's got a whopping 113 years under its belt. And, according to an older article from Forgotten New York, it was also Salvador Dali's go-to spot for medical leeches. That's far more impressive, we think, than any sushi lunch or blowout from Duane Reade.
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Lascoff Drugs

1209 Lexington Avenue New York NY