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FIT Exhibit Will "Put the Gayness Back Into Fashion History"

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Yves Saint Laurent via Paper + Cloth

Instead of focusing on a specific designer, style of dress, or time period for one of its next exhibits, the Museum at FIT has decided to spotlight a topic that's even more specific: gay designers. Director Valerie Steele told Fashionologie that next year, the museum will debut a little something called Queer Style: From the Closet to the Catwalk, which is definitely one way to compete with the Met. She elaborates:
Everybody knows that there's lots of gay people in fashion, and there have been lots of gay designers: Dior, Saint Laurent, Versace, et cetera. But nobody's ever really thought consciously to put the gayness back into fashion history and say, 'Why are there so many gay people in fashion?' and 'Is there a gay aesthetic?' and 'What have been the influences of having so many gay people in fashion?'

Analyzing influence is one thing, but decisively answering why fashion has attracted so many gay designers is a much loftier goal altogether. However, we doubt Steele will run out of any experts to consult.
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The Museum at FIT

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