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Get Your Game of Thrones On at Made Her Think's Jewelry Sale

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If you've been impressed with the styling on Game of Thrones this season, you might want to plan a trip to Made Her Think's Lower East Side studio. Through tomorrow, designer Meredith Kahn is taking major markdowns on her Deco-meets-feudal jewelry, giving you the chance to deck yourself out like an exiled Targaryan queen for significantly less than the price of a clutch of dragon eggs. (OK, fine, we have no idea how much dragon eggs cost, but they've got to be more than $10 to $15, which is what Kahn is currently charging for rings set with Swarovski crystals.)

This time around, Kahn is also offering plenty of special one-off pieces that haven't appeared at previous sales. Those include leather bags, which start at $20 for a cool black mini-pouch, go to $75 for a tasseled cross-body bag, and run up to $125 for shoulder bags. Some are original samples that were never manufactured, while others are pieces Kahn bought for research purposes.

The jewelry, of course, is still the biggest draw. You'll find jars of rings priced at $10 to $15 in styles ranging from the chunky Helmut to the '80s rock-chick Pendulum. An assortment of rarer finger candy goes for $60 a pop, while a bowl of $5 rings sits in the middle of the small studio space, tempting impulse buyers.

High-drama necklaces run from $50 for ribbon-and-metal pieces to $150 for big, spiky, ropy chains that should scare the crap out of anyone challenging your right to the Iron Throne (or trying to steal your seat on the subway.) Earrings start at $10 for studs and go up to $100 for swallow pieces. Kahn says she gets very attached to her designs, but she's attempting a spring clean. In general, the more expensive something is, the higher the chance that it's a rarity—not to mention one of her favorites.
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