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HipSwap Launches Local Delivery With a Pink Mustachioed Van

The Hipswap van cruising around LA. Note the palm trees
The Hipswap van cruising around LA. Note the palm trees

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HipSwap, a New York-based website that allows you to shop local boutiques and the closets and garages of your neighbors and celebrities, has just made itself even easier. This week, the site launched a door-to-door delivery service, so there's no more waiting for that antique end table to ship. Instead, one of HipSwap's vans, which are hot pink and have giant mustaches on them, will bring the items you've purchased directly to your door.

In addition to that, they've also simplified the process of donating your unwanted belongings. (The site also has the option to sell.) Every Saturday, customers in New York and Los Angeles can request a pick and delivery of their items to Goodwillfree of charge. So far, delivery has only been launched in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but the site's next wave of hip vans will serve other New York counties.
· HipSwap [Official Site]